‘i’m Not Judging’: Now Farrah Abraham’s Devout Christian Father Mike Speaks Out About Her Porn Video And Says He Will ‘forgive’ His Daughter

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He said that Farrah will have to take consequences for her actions and suggested that she explain the sex tape with Sophia when the toddler is old enough. In disbelief: Farrah’s mother Debra Danielsen earlier this week claimed that she did not believe her daughter had shot the tape, even though Deen admitted that it was all Farrah’s idea ‘At this time, Sophia is four-years-old and she does not know the difference between good, bad or indifferent,’ he said in the interview with Radaronline.com ‘In regards to down the line, just like anything, we all have consequences for our actions and I am sure Farrah will have to address this with Sophia, in the event the tape ever became public. Mike went on to insist that his daughter was a loving and ‘terrific’ mother. ‘I cannot comment as to how she would do that, but I do know that she has a great relationship with Sophia and is a terrific mother,’ he added. ‘Both of these women, Farrah and Sophia, have had to grow up very fast as a result of being in the public spotlight. ‘She’s a good mother’: Mr. Abraham insisted that his daughter was a loving and ‘terrific’ mother to her daughter Sophia ‘For me, the bottom line is this my job is to teach both of them forgiveness and acceptance and what love is and if I did have to talk to Sophia about this, I would be telling her those three important things.’ When asked how he would feel about Farrah getting romantically involved with porn star Deen, Mike reiterated that his daughter’s activities were ‘private’. ‘I will give you an example, if you have a daughter and she got married, you hope to God that she and her partner have a healthy sexual relationship,’ he said. ‘But in the end, it is none of your business.